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“General” remediation companies offer conventional technologies to the European market but Euremtech has opted for a “specialised" model. Our activities focus on 3 high-performance in situ technologies developed by leading North American companies (Geo-Cleanse Int. US & McMillan-McGee CAN), which are partners of Euremtech for many years already.

Since its incorporation in 2005, Euremtech offers its European customers technological performances and financial management solutions for achieving specific objectives for in situ remediation projects.


Together with its partners, Euremtech managed to transfer the technology to Europe, in particular by investing in all the necessary equipment to implement the proposed technologies and to adjust them to European legislation.

In situ remediation is very complex. The performances depend on many variable factors, which – in turn – also have an impact on the environment. No detail may be overlooked if one wants to achieve the pre-set objectives. That is why we apply for our projects a strict and proven approach that is adjusted to each technology:

  • Technical knowledge in every scientific domain;
  • Know-how and experience promoting innovative solutions;
  • Technological maturity, thus avoiding overspending during the execution of the works;
  • A “step-by-step” approach specifically targeted on the objectives to be realised.